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Locate Investigation

Texas Locate investigations, also know as skip tracing, includes locating missing persons, heirs, fugitives, witnesses, parents of adopted children and runaways.

Texas locate investigations can take as little time as an hour and sometimes last for months depending on type of person we are looking for and how hard that person is working to stay hidden. We serve a large number of Texas Lawyers who need to locate someone who is connected to a law suit, frequently a witness who needs to be found to get additional information from. Locate heirs in Texas is another frequently requested search. This is done by a family or by a probate attorney working on the disbursement of someone’s assets in Texas. Locating fugitives in Texas is usually left to law enforcement, but there are times when a Texas private investigator is needed, usually in a situation involving a bond jumper or someone with child support enforcement warrants.

Locating paternal parents is a very specialized type of search. Although these individuals are not actually hiding, time allows them to slip away and these cases can take a great deal of time, but the success rate is high and help is available here in Texas and elsewhere in these matters. Locating runaway children is one of the most involved types of cases a Texas private investigator can be faced with. A child does not leave many traces behind and most of this work involves street interviews and the like. If they are traveling with an adult who is trying to hide them, the situation is just as complicated. Time is of the essence in these cases and the work should begin as soon as possible and these cases can take weeks to come to a conclusion.

Lastly, we have assisted in locating parental kidnappers in Texas. When one parent takes the children and leaves, often fleeing the state, we track down the parental kidnapper and allow our clients to have Texas law enforcement get the children back.

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Our Texas Locate Investigation Services are billed at $75.00 per hour and usually involve a two hour retainer to begin.

Texas Attorneys: Please make sure to contact our office and lets us know that you are an attorney trying to locate a witness or other party for service of process. We have a special program developed just for Texas attorneys to get you fast, affordable results that will keep your case moving and your clients happy.

A.S.G. has been locating individuals in Texas with great success. We have tracked down people statewide, including those living in: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, Ft. Worth and Plano.

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